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Simerly-Ayers Insurance, one of the industry’s local leaders in health insurance enrollment, desired a prominent organic search results for this years open enrollment season as well as a social media presence.

From The Client

“Ken's marketing team positioned us on the search engines well ahead of our window of opportunity and made sure we had visibility on social media too. Enrollment is going great. Great Job!”

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales


To Increase Open healthcare enrollments during the shortened enrollment period.


  • An innovative search engine optimization campaign targeting the primary industry keywords.
  • A Local SEO plan focusing on Google Map Listing rankings
  • A higly targeted FaceBook sponsored posts campaign. 


We’ve achieved number one ranking on Google Organic listings as well as the number one ranking on Google Maps for their keywords and ran a successful Facebook sponsored post campaign targeting people most likely to be enrolling.

Achieved #1 Rankings

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